Weddings are special occasions in everyone’s lives. Bride and Groom are the stars of the day , with the spotlight focused on them . That is why, they need to have, a picture perfect sparkling smile .
ARK Dental Care offers you a wide range of cosmetic services , specially designed to enhance your Smile . You will feel pampered and indulged with our personalised procedures . We have special packages for your big day .
Let us help you cherish your wedding photographic memories for a lifetime.
root_canal_treatmentIt is the removal of infected pulp tissue , present in the centre of the tooth . It is usually done when a cavity reaches the interior of the tooth and infects the pulp inside or after any kind of trauma or infection . It consists of a series of steps. After removal of the pulp, tooth is filled and restored with a crown . Years ago, teeth with diseased or injured pulps were removed. Today, root canal treatment saves many teeth that would otherwise be lost.
tooth_colored_fillingDental cavity or caries is destruction of tooth structure caused by bacterial activity . Dental cavities can be filled by a number of dental materials . Tooth colored filling materials provide more pleasing and natural look / esthetics to the tooth .
customized_denturescustomized_dentures_2When all or some of the teeth in your mouth go missing, need not worry . We have a solution! A removable replacement for your natural teeth and surrounding tissues is called a Denture. When all teeth go missing , as in the case of elderly , they can be easily replaced by a Complete denture . When some of the teeth are missing , they can be replaced by a Partial denture .

dental implants

Dental Implants are metal screw like components , that are surgically placed in the jaw bone to support artificial tooth or teeth . They can be used to support a single Crown , a Bridge or a Denture .

crown&bridgescrown&bridges_2These are fixed alternatives for replacing missing teeth . A dental crown is a cap shaped restoration , placed over the remaining tooth structure . It strengthens the tooth and improves its appearance and function .
gum_pigmentationIt is a procedure done to lighten the color of your gums. It is done on patients with a gummy smile and excessive gum pigmentations. Gums that appear dark and have black spots can be a major esthetic concern . Gum Depigmentation restores your confidence to flaunt your smile like never before .
smile_designA smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. A million dollar smile is not a blessing to all of us. Some people have discoloured, ill shaped, broken or misaligned teeth. Need not to worry . Smile Designing comes to your rescue. It includes cosmetic dentistry procedures done to correct your smile . At ARK Dental , we offer you a variety of treatment options for your perfect smile.
Dental extraction is removal of a tooth from your oral cavity . It is done when a tooth is grossly damaged and decayed and beyond the point of restoration.
bracesDental braces is another way of correcting your smile. It is usually done on Mal-aligned teeth, to improve the overall facial appearance. Dental braces can either be tooth colored or metallic. Some patients may not be pleased with how their face looks with all the metal and the wires. Now dentistry is blessed with a more pleasing looking option to correct the misaligned teeth. Invisible braces or Invisalign. ARK Dental provides you with all treatment options .You can freely choose what suits you the most.
tooth_scalingScaling and polishing in simple words is dental Cleaning. It is both a preventive and a treatment procedure , done to maintain the health of your teeth and their support system ie. the gums. With time our teeth are covered with stains and hard deposits ie. Calculus, that needs to be removed periodically. Scaling and polishing can help you avoid problems like inflamed and bleeding gums. Cleaning weakens teeth !! A big myth. Visit ARK Dental Care to know more.
whitingTooth whitening is another cosmetic treatment procedure done to enhance the appearance of your teeth and thus your smile. Worried about your yellow teeth !! Visit ARK Dental Care to know about your treatment options and leave with a sparkling smile.

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